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It’s Time to Enroll in Strixhaven: School of Mages!

Welcome to Strixhaven University! Which college will you choose? Will it be the dark and mysterious Witherbloom? The creative flame Prismari? The confident and charismatic Silverquill? Or the adventure driven Lorehold?

Prerelease Begins April 16th!

Each school of Strixhaven features their own prerelease kit. Which will you choose?


Stylish wordsmiths who master the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults.


Artsy elementalists wielding fire and ice with spells that are spectacles of raw creativity.


Witchy biologists who brew herbal concoctions to control the essence of life and death.


Adventurous historians who bring the spirits of the past to life and call forth magic from ancient tomes.


Quirky math magicians who study patterns and fractals to command and multiply the forces of nature.

Can’t choose? Order our 6 pack and receive one kit from each school, a 6th random school, an alternate art Dragonsguard Elite and a special gift with purchase from The Griffin’s Rest. Collector Booster and Set Booster displays will also be available during prerelease and come with the Dragonsguard Elite card.

Dragonsguard Elite is included with purchase of 6 prerelease kits, collector booster displays or set booster displays

Additional Strixhaven products available soon!

We have additional Strixhaven products available for preorder. Commander decks release April 23rd. Preorder a copy of each deck and receive a special Commander related gift. Draft boxes are coming soon as well. New adventures await! Preorder today!

Play! Pokémon Team Challenge – Summer 2021

The Play! Pokémon Team Challenge is a virtual tournament taking place over the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO) in which players will represent their local game store in a four person team. The team will be selected via four qualifier events hosted by The Griffin’s Rest.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to take part in our qualifier if

  • you are a Masters division player and were born in 2004 or earlier and
  • you are a resident of the country your eligible Play! Store located in (in our case, the United States).

How do I participate?

Register for any of our four qualifiers via RK9 labs and join our Discord before the first tournament. Players can participate in all four of our qualifiers, with the exception of the first place player from each prior qualifier.

You will also need to download PTCGO and make sure it is linked to your Play! Pokémon account.

Entry into any of these tournaments is free of cost.

Qualifier 1: Sunday, April 11th @ 1:00 pm: Registration now open

Qualifier 2: Sunday, April 25th @ 1:00 pm: See our Facebook Event for announcements on when to sign up

Qualifier 3: Sunday, May 2nd @ 1:00 pm: See our Facebook Event for announcements on when to sign up

Qualifier 4: Sunday, May 23rd @ 1:00 pm: See our Facebook Event for announcements on when to sign up

Please note, once you register to play in a store’s Team Challenge tournament, you will be locked into that store and will be unable to play in a different store’s Team Challenge tournaments. Once you win a qualifier, you will not be able to compete in any additional (this is to allow 4 distinct winners to form the team).

Tournament Structure

Qualifier tournaments will be played within a single (Masters) division over the appropriate number of swiss rounds, followed by a top cut, as documented in the official tournament rules. The format for these qualifiers will be Standard. The winner of each of the 4 Qualifiers will secure a place in the Store Team.

The team Play-offs will be played over multiple weekends starting June 18th and will be played as single elimination between stores until a worldwide winner is determined.


1st Place from each qualifier will receive an exclusive Team Challenge Playmat

Booster Pack prizes from the latest set will be made available for the top 4 attendees:

1st Place – 17 Booster Packs

2nd Place – 9 Booster Packs

3rd & 4th Place – 5 Booster Packs

Participants will also receive codes for PTCGO to unlock exclusive deck boxes and sleeves and additional Booster Pack prizes.

Stay tuned for more details as we approach our first tournament and visit the official Team Challenge website for additional information

Reward Redemption Adjustments – Effective September 15h

The following adjustments will be made to the rewards program effective September 15th:

RewardGold Required
Free Prerelease2500 Gold (Was 1500)
Free Standard Booster400 Gold (Was 300)
$5 Store Credit500 Gold (Was 350)
$10 Store Credit900 Gold (Was 600)
$20 Store Credit1750 Gold (Was 1000)
$50 Store Credit4200 Gold (Was 2400)

Point accumulations will remain the same for customers. While we love providing our customers with great value for their loyalty, we also have to balance that with making sure the doors stay open. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve you.

Introducing Pokémon League at Home

Connect and play online using Pokémon TCG Online and earn rewards with The Griffin’s Rest!

We’ll be resuming our Pokémon League using the online format beginning Sunday, July 5th from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Players will connect with one another using our Discord Server and coordinate matches using Pokémon TCG Online. Take a screenshot of yourself playing another League league participant and you’ll be provided a special code to unlock one of the following: 1 of three promo cards, a set of sleeves, a deck box, or a coin in-game play. When we resume in store play, participants will also be able to choose from any of our physical League Promo cards for each week they participated online.

How will this work?

During the event hours, players will be playing casual matches using Pokémon TCG Online. Find an opponent using the PTCGO chat in our Discord server and add them as a friend on Pokémon TCG Online to challenge them to a match. Upon completion of the match, post a picture of the results screen on Discord for credit. By clicking the button on the bottom left (boxed out in red in the below image), the full results will be displayed, including the screen names of both players. Upon submission of the screenshot, each participant will be messaged their unique code (1 per week). Players must have a Play! Pokémon ID to receive a code. Sign up for one here.

Info for Parents

Parents, since Discord is limited to users 13 and older, feel free to coordinate matches on behalf of your child. If you have two devices you can also play against them yourself and send a screenshot to our Facebook page. We have special Parent/Child Bundle Codes that include digital versions of theme deck, packs, and other essential cards to help get you started. Click here to request your code and get started. You can also download this handy Guide to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which will walk you through setting up the game, managing your child’s account, and the various features of the online game.

Support The Griffin’s Rest by Shopping with Your Favorite Publishers

Many game store publishers have made arrangements to support local stores like ours that have had to close down temporarily. Shop for some of your favorite board games directly with the below listed publishers and The Griffin’s Rest will receive part of proceeds. Not interested in buying any of these games but still wish to support The Griffin’s Rest? We offer eGift Cards that can be redeemed when reopen!

We’re so thankful to be part of such a wonderful community and thank you for your continued support.

In order for us to receive credit, please leave a note/comment when you place the order that mentions us: The Griffin’s Rest, Muskegon, MI (

Below you will find a list of publishers making such offers:

PublisherPublisher’s NotesLink to Order
If a customer lists a game store (and the game store’s email address), we will PayPal 25% of the MSRP of the products they ordered from us to the game store they specify. PDF products are included! We’ve also offered a discount for shipping games without boxes (BOXLESS2020). I’m currently running short on game boxes, my supplier has been shut down, and I’d rather save them for when game stores can order again.
25% Off All Products on our site right now! No coupon code needed. Discount will show up automatically when you checkout in the review order screen. If you were referred to us by a local game store please enter the name and city/state of the store in the Order Instructions/Comments of the order so we can credit part of your order to them as support and thank you during this time.
We will place the order with Atlas Games and Atlas will ship it to you at no cost.
Step 1) Browse the Atlas catalog but do not place your order there.
Step 2) Email The Griffin’s Rest with your name, street address, phone number, and your email address (to send tracking information).
Step 3) Kiel (the store owner) will call you as soon as possible to take your credit card information over the phone.
Step 4) Kiel will submit your order to Atlas Games.
Step 5) Atlas will process your order and email you tracking information.
Step 6) Your package should arrive within 3-5 days.
Email us. See Publisher’s Notes for Instructions
If you want to help keep your local game store afloat during this difficult period, enter the store’s information, including the name, address, phone number, and email address, in the “add a note” to your order.

The Griffin’s Rest, 1121 3rd Street, Muskegon, MI 49441
If you can still purchase our games or coins from your local store online, please do but if not, we will be donating 20% of all orders to your FLGS. All you have to do is put their name in the notes section at check out. The more info you give of course the easier it will be to for us to reach out to them. We have some great discount offers at the moment to help the situation and make it more appealing for you too. All our games are very simple to learn and can help you to spend some quality time with your loved ones while you’re staying inside, and you can also use our metal coins to enhance your other favorite games that use currency or tokens.
Fireside Games is offering 25% off all products on our website. And if you name your favorite local game store in the Order Notes section, we’ll send that store 25% of your payment. We’re calling it the Play-at-Home sale and we’re hoping it can make things a little easier for families as well as our retail partners. There’s no coupon code needed. Your discount will be automatically applied, and it’s good towards any purchase on our site, not just games.
Due to the effects of Coronavirus on retailers, we have set up an online store for US customers, we will donate 20% of each sale to game stores that have been affected.
When you purchase, in the order notes, simply name your FLGS of choice, listing their city and state as well. Boom… they get 25% of your purchase! You and me… we need your FLGS, the world does. And they want to feed their families too. We’re going to take care of them during this time. Alleviate fear. Show unity. Let’s do this!
Greenbrier is one of many publishers offering 25% of each online sale to a U.S. FLGS you name in the comments.
IELLO believes in our retail partners. We work to provide them the tools to succeed as much as we are possible, helping them to learn our products so they can best serve their customers, those of you reading this today. The continued support of those retail partners if vital at this time, and so we are instituting the IELLO Dropship Program.
If you’re unable to get to your local game store, you can visit to place your order. On the checkout screen, you’ll see a place to fill in the name of your local game store, as well as the city and state they are located in. To support our retail partners in this time of crisis we’re going to split the NET profits of every sale with them. We have a certain amount of fixed costs; manufacturing costs, royalties, labor, shipping materials, and shipping chief among them. (We’re paying shipping, you’ll pay no shipping on these orders!) After the deduction of those costs, we’ll split the profits of every sale with the local game store of your choosing.
If you buy any products currently in stock on our website right now, we will donate 50% of whatever you spend to the Friendly Local Game Store of your choice. No matter where you live be it America, Australia, Europe, or the Moon we will donate 50% of your order to a store of your choice.
Place an order today, and in the comments of your order, tell us what store you want to support. We will contact that store and PayPal them 50% of your order. Consider this a wholesale order placed directly through that store, and this is our way of bringing a sale to that store, to bring them a little bit of income.
This offer is good for however long it takes for us to get out of this mess. Let’s work together to get through this. Let’s help support our stores. Let’s continue to game on!
Enter the store’s information, including the name, address, phone number, and email address, in the “add a note” to your order. If they already carry our products, we’ll donate 20% of the proceeds of your order to that store.

The Griffin’s Rest, 1121 3rd Street, Muskegon, MI 49441
We are asking our customers who place orders via our website to leave a comment on the order in the notes section and name a FLGS they would like to support. Simply leave the store’s name, city and state they are located in and Metallic Dice Games will reach out to said stores and donate 50% of each online transaction to each store’s PayPal account.
Offering 30% off any product during this period of social distancing. Use coupon code stayNplayAtHome. Mention your favorite FLGS by emailing your order number to and we will donate 25% of the sale amount to that store.
Currently only applies to their game The Deadlies
We will donate 25% of your purchase to the retailer you name. Many publishers are doing this to help our favorite FLGS weather these tough times and we are happy to join that effort. The Deadlies plays with 3-5 devious players and retails for just $14.99. Heck, at that price, it’d be a sin not to grab your copy!
Effective immediately, any customer purchasing a product from our website can enter the name of their Friendly Local Game Store and we will donate a portion of the proceeds to that game store!

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield Coming Soon

Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield officially releases on February 7th, 2020. The Griffin’s Rest will be able to start selling the cards four days early on February 3rd, 2020.

The Griffin’s Rest will be hosting two prerelease tournaments for Pokémon Sword & Shield on Saturday, January 25th and Sunday, January 26th. Both at 1:00pm. Admission to one of our prerelease events is $30 per person and includes lunch.

To save your spot for one of our prerelease events, please sign up.

What is prerelease?

Prerelease tournaments allow players to receive and play with cards from the latest Pokémon TCG set before the cards are officially for sale to the public!

At one of our prerelease tournaments, you’ll receive a Build & Battle Box containing a 23-card Evolution pack, which includes cards that will provide building blocks to construct a 40 card deck. This also includes an exclusive promo card. Each box also includes four 10-card booster packs from new set. You’ll use these cards, plus as much basic energy you need, to construct your own 40-card deck.

After constructing your deck, you’ll participate in a three round tournament with other participants. At the end of the tournament, you’ll be able to keep all of the cards you received in the Build & Battle Box plus an extra three booster packs just for coming out to play.

Prerelease tournaments are a fun and casual way for new players to learn the rules and tournament structure while also collecting

The Griffin’s Rest Holiday Envelopes Return!

We’re pleased to announce the return of our special Holiday Surprise Envelopes. Inside every Holiday Envelope is a voucher for a discount or gift card.

How to receive your Holiday Envelope:

Visit The Griffin’s Rest Thanksgiving weekend (Friday, November 28th through Sunday, November 30th) and you will be presented a Holiday Envelope with your purchase of $30 or more. Limit one envelope per person per day.

How to redeem your Holiday Envelope:

Return to The Griffin’s Rest any day between Friday, December 6th and Tuesday, December 24th, 2019. A staff member will open your envelope for you and validate it. Discount vouchers must be used before December 24th, 2019. Vouchers for a gift card can be immediately exchanged for a gift card of the specified value. Gift cards do not expire. Do not open your Holiday Envelope yourself. The contents of envelopes that are open, torn or otherwise tampered with are VOID.

What could be in your Holiday Envelope?

An assortment of vouchers for discounts off your purchase or certain items ranging from 10% – 50%, free entry to certain events, free games or a gift card value ranging from $5 – $100.

What happens if you forget to return your Holiday Envelope by December 24th, 2019?

The contents are considered expired and may not be redeemed.

War of the Spark Prerelease

It’s not to late to sign up for our War of the Spark Prerelease. The Griffin’s Rest will be hosting a midnight prerelease Friday night, a 5:00pm release on Saturday and a Two-Headed Giant event on Sunday at 1:00 pm. Guarantee your seat by preregistering and prepaying now! Each prerelease pack comes with 2 foil promos, one of which will be a planeswalker.

To save your spot for our prerelease event, please sign up. You will be provided with a link to prepay after completing the survey or you can pay in store!

Have access to War of the Spark a week early by pre-ordering a Booster Display box for pickup during Prerelease weekend! Pre-orders can only be picked up early during Prerelease weekend (Apr 27-28). Otherwise, pre-orders will be able to be picked up after the release on May 3rd.

While supplies last, players ordering a Booster Display box will receive a copy of Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge. This card is only available through the Buy-a-Box promotion.

Order online or stop by the store to place any pre-orders.

Getting Started with Magic League

Starting Thursday, January 31st, we’ll be running an in-store Magic league for the Ravnica Allegiance set. This is a great way for new players to get involved.

Entry fee is $25 dollars, this covers an initial three booster packs.

Build Your Deck and Play!

  • Upon registration, you will be provided three booster packs. You will use these packs, plus any amount of basic lands to building a 30 card (minimum deck).
  • Play single-game matches. If you and your opponent prefer, you may play a best two out of three games.
  • Each player gets one free mulligan.
  • Play however many matches you’d like whenever you’d like. The only requirement is that games be at The Griffin’s Rest.
  • Try to avoid playing the same opponent twice in a row

Expand Your Deck

  • You may purchase an additional pack per week at our weekly meetup nights.
  • Lose three games and you can purchase another pack to add to your deck

Exclusive Prizes

  • Play 10 or more matches, and you’ll be awarded a Ravnica Allegiance promo card
  • Prizes for best win ratio
  • Door prize every week

Magic League is a great way to get started with Magic: The Gathering.  Still looking for more opportunities to get started? We have Magic 101 every Thursday, where new players can learn the game. Stop in and check it out!

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