Join the Adventure with The Griffin’s Quest

We’re pleased to announce our new in house D&D Campaign at The Griffin’s Rest. Players will take part in adventures in a shared world where there decisions will shape the world around them. Sessions will be $10 per player, while your first session is free.

Welcome to Bellaria

Your first four adventures will be an introduction to the World of Bellaria . From then on, you and your allies will explore and uncover the mysteries of Bellaria. Decisions will have a tangible impact on the world around you and may shape the direction of not only your campaign but those of future adventurers as well.

Getting Started

New characters can use the following array for the attributes (16, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or use the standard point buy system with 30 points instead of 27. Not sure where or how to start? Don’t worry! We’ll have Dungeon Masters on hand to help you build your first character as well as per-generated characters available.

See our page for The Griffin’s Quest for information on how to sign up for our next session.

We look forward to seeing which adventures you will take!

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