Magic League: Dominaria

Starting Thursday, May 3rd, we’ll be running an in-store Magic league for the Dominaria set. This is a great way for new players to get involved.

Entry fee is $25 dollars, this covers an initial three booster packs and collection box.

Build Your Deck and Play!

  • Upon registration, you will be provided three booster packs. You will use these Dom_leaguepacks, plus any amount of basic lands to building a 30 card deck.
  • Play single-game matches. If you and your opponent prefer, you may play a best two out of three games.
  • Each player gets one free mulligan.
  • Play however many matches you’d like whenever you’d like. The only requirement is that games be at The Griffin’s Rest.
  • Try to avoid playing the same opponent twice in a row

Expand Your Deck

  • You may purchase an additional pack per week at our weekly meetup nights.
  • Lose three games and you can purchase another pack to add to your deck (max 2 per week)

Exclusive Prizes

  • Play 10 or more matches, and you’ll be awarded a Dominaria promo card
  • Prizes will be awarded to top performers as well.

Magic League is a great way to get started with Magic: The Gathering.  Still looking for more opportunities to get started? Join us for Magic: The Gathering 101 every Thursday to learn how to play from some of community members, and you’ll be more than ready for Magic League.

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