February Family Game Nights: Feast Mode

We’re excited to announce our game selections for February’s Family Game Nights (Thursdays from 5:00pm – 8:00pm). We’ll be running the same games all month, so if you miss your chance or really like the game there will be plenty of opportunities to play. After demoing the game with us, you’ll also have an opportunity to buy your own copy for 10% off.
For the month of February, all of our games will have a fun food related theme.

Pass the Sushi with Sushi Go!

sushi go

Build the perfect plate of sushi! In Sushi Go, players take turns picking cards to build their perfect combo of sushi to score the most points. Pair your roll with wasabi for extra points and don’t forget dessert!

This game is quick and easy to learn. Suitable for groups of 2-5 players of all ages and a great addition to your family game night.

Square off one on one in Food Fighters

Food Fighters.jpg

Two players square off, controling different facations of fighting foods. Each turn you have one of three choices. Move your food fighters, roll the dice to attack, or roll for beans (to buy powerups for your team). Knock out three of a kind and you’ve won! This game is perfect for all ages.

Feed your guests with Just Desserts

just desserts.jpg

It’s time for dessert and your guests are hungry! 2-5 players start out with their hand of dessert cards and three hungry guests. When it’s your turn, serve a guest by playing dessert cards that match what they’d like (and avoid what they dislike). Or you can draw a single dessert card, or discard as many cards as you want to draw the same number of new cards.

This game is suitable for younger children as well and can help hone their matching skills. Stop by on Thursdays this month and give it a try!

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