January Family Game Nights: Pandemic and Doctor Panic

Every Thursday we’ll be featuring family games. One selection meant to appeal to younger children and their families, and a second to families with older kids or groups of friends. We’ll be running the same games all month, so if you miss your chance or really like the game there will be plenty of opportunities to play. After demoing the game with us, you’ll also have an opportunity to buy your own copy for 10% off.
For the month of January, we will be playing Pandemic and Doctor Panic.

Save your patients with Doctor Panic!


Step into the operating room! The clock is ticking to save your patient. Can you perform all of the tasks needed to save your patient before time runs out? Are you able to handle the unexpected emergencies called in by the hospital director?

Players form groups of 2-3 players to perform a series of tasks. In the background, the patient’s heartbeat acts as a timer (via a smartphone app or downloadable soundtrack). The game also delivers multiple distractions through the soundtrack that prompt another task that must be completed before work on the patient can resume.

This game is perfect for families with active young children, as many of the tasks that need to be completed involve fun activities. Need to take an X-Ray? Match the pose on the X-Ray card! Power outage at the hospital? Better pedal an imaginary bike to restore power. The game is perfect for 2-9 players and recommended for ages 8 and older; however, many players have said that younger children can easily play along and the game has multiple difficulty settings to fit the skill of the group playing.

Find the Cure with Pandemic


Travel the globe to find a cure and save the world from deadly outbreaks with Pandemic!

In groups of 2-4, players form an elite disease control team to fight four deadly outbreaks on a global scale. Treat infections and gather the research you need to develop a cure, but there will be other hurdles along the way. Experience the game a different way every time you play. Players have the options of selecting multiple roles, and the outbreaks occur in different locations at the start of each game. All players are part of the same team and will either win or lose together.

Pandemic is recommended for 2-4 players ages 8 and older, though challenging gameplay and the difficulty of winning the game might make it better suited for older children or groups of friends ready for a challenge.

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