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Tyrants of the Underdark, Flast Point: Fire Rescue, Bones Minatures and More!


We have several new and exciting games on our shelves to start the New Year!

Tyrants of the Underdark


TotU-Box-3DDescription from Publisher:

Tyrants of the Underdark pits 2 to 4 players against each other to take over territory in the tumultuous Underdark, mashing up deck-building mechanics with board control.

Designed by Peter Lee, Rodney Thompson, and Andrew Veen, and produced by Gale Force NineTyrants of the Underdark is a competitive board game in which you play as a drow house recruiting monsters, cultists and demons to aid you in controlling locations such as Menzoberranzan and Blingdenstone. Using power and influence as resources, Tyrants of the Underdark features multiple strategies you can use in crafting your deck of minions. Be the spymaster infiltrating your enemy’s strongholds or the deadly war-leader concentrating on assassinating enemy troops. No matter how you decide to play, whoever controls most of the Underdark at the end of the game wins, unless there’s some hidden strategy in play.


Flash Point: Fire Rescue

imageFPFR_webDescription from Publisher:

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a thrilling ride for friends and family, whether they are gamers or just looking for a good, fun time.    Games are about 45 minutes, 2-6 players (solo options), 10+ years – suitable for kids of all ages with appropriate supervision and involvement.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue is a fully cooperative game, everyone plays on the same firefighting team – win or lose together!   Every turn is filled with the tension of having to fight the fire back, rescuing victims or investigating points of interest.  Players can ride the ambulance to safety or fire the engine’s deck gun in a desperate attempt to control the blaze.  No two games are ever the same – and with two rulesets (family, & experienced) and 3 different difficulty levels there is a challenge to be had for all.

Bones Minatures

Ready to help your tabletop campaign look awesome? We now carry amazingly detailed minatures from Reaper Minatures Bones line. These minatutes come with plenty of detail and are ready to paint right out of the box! No priming necessary. We also have a selection of paints and brushes.