Introducing Pokémon League at Home

Connect and play online using Pokémon TCG Online and earn rewards with The Griffin’s Rest!

We’ll be resuming our Pokémon League using the online format beginning Sunday, July 5th from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. Players will connect with one another using our Discord Server and coordinate matches using Pokémon TCG Online. Take a screenshot of yourself playing another League league participant and you’ll be provided a special code to unlock one of the following: 1 of three promo cards, a set of sleeves, a deck box, or a coin in-game play. When we resume in store play, participants will also be able to choose from any of our physical League Promo cards for each week they participated online.

How will this work?

During the event hours, players will be playing casual matches using Pokémon TCG Online. Find an opponent using the PTCGO chat in our Discord server and add them as a friend on Pokémon TCG Online to challenge them to a match. Upon completion of the match, post a picture of the results screen on Discord for credit. By clicking the button on the bottom left (boxed out in red in the below image), the full results will be displayed, including the screen names of both players. Upon submission of the screenshot, each participant will be messaged their unique code (1 per week). Players must have a Play! Pokémon ID to receive a code. Sign up for one here.

Info for Parents

Parents, since Discord is limited to users 13 and older, feel free to coordinate matches on behalf of your child. If you have two devices you can also play against them yourself and send a screenshot to our Facebook page. We have special Parent/Child Bundle Codes that include digital versions of theme deck, packs, and other essential cards to help get you started. Click here to request your code and get started. You can also download this handy Guide to the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which will walk you through setting up the game, managing your child’s account, and the various features of the online game.

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