Pokémon TCG Build & Battle Showdown

Starting Wednesday, February 5th, we’ll be running an in-store Build and Battle Series (lasting four weeks). This is a great way for new players to get involved.

Entry fee is $25 dollars, this covers a Build and Battle Box, Deckbox, and four packs into our prize pool to be makeup the weekly/end of season prizes.

Build Your Deck and Play!

  • Upon registration, you will be provided a Build and Battle Box. You will use the cards you receive, plus any amount of basic energy to build a 40 card deck.
  • Your deck must remain at The Griffin’s Rest until the end of the four weeks.
  • Play single-game matches (with four prize cards). If you and your opponent prefer, you may play a best two out of three games.
  • Play however many matches you’d like whenever you’d like. The only requirement is that games be at The Griffin’s Rest. Wednesdays are designated showdown days to help players meetup with opponents.
  • Try to avoid playing the same opponent twice in a row

Evolve Your Deck

  • You may purchase an additional pack per week to modify your deck
  • Lose three games and you can purchase another pack to modify your deck

Booster Pack Prizes

  • Prizes for top win ratios at the end of the four weeks
  • Weekly Prize drawing each week for participants playing at least three games

This is a great way to get involved and build up your Pokémon collection. Looking for more Pokémon TCG action? Join us every Sunday for casual play and earn special promo cards!

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