Warlock Tiles: Dungeon Tiles 1


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Warlock clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed.

This set includes:

26x – 2”x2” Dual-Sided Tiles
2x – 4”x4” Dual-Sided Tiles
2x – 2”x8” Dual-Sided Tiles
18x – 2” Straight Stone Walls
16x – 2” Straight Stone Interior Walls
4x – 1” Exterior Wall Doors
4x – 2” Exterior Wall Door
2x – 1” Stone Interior Wall Door
8x – Corner Pillars
5x – Inside Corner Stone Walls
5x – Outside Corner Stone Walls
20x – Stone Edge Caps
90x – WarLock Clips
8x– DRAGONLOCK™ Adaptor Clips
8x – OpenLOCK™ Adaptor Clips