Reversible Battlemat 1″ Square


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Chessex brand Reversible Battlemat with 1'' Hex and square grids.

Made of durable expanded vinyl, which provides an ideal playing surface.

Rolls easily for travel yet lies flat for game play

Provides smooth, padded matte surface to protect your miniatures and dice

Draw your layout right on the surface with water-based pens; simply clean up with a damp rag

Well suited for role-playing and wargame design

Stain resistant: spills wipe away easily

Crease Removal:

Although every crease is different, most can be coaxed out. One method is to lay the mat out flat and apply several books directly on the crease for a period of several hours or perhaps overnight. Another method is to use warm water poured over the spot to soften it and then knead out the crease. DO NOT iron your game mat or expose it to excessive heat, sunlight, or flame.