Legion Deck Box


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Legion brand deck boxes hold 60-card decks sleeved in standard american size and in small japanese size. Solid plastic construction- pair with matching sleeves or a playmat for the whole set!

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1-Up, 3 Wolf Moon, Alchemy, Bacon, Boom, Cauldron, Dilly Dilly, Flamingo, Grumpy Kim, Hey Girl, Horsin' Around, I Drink and Know Things, Kitten, Shark, Legionnaire, Lotus, Night Is Dark, Not Today Satan, Otter, Panda, Pegasus Air, Policebox, Pumpkin Spice, Puppy Luvin, Radioactive, Rainbow Star, Rainbow, Rainbow unicorn, Salty, Serenity, Serve Me, Shame, Swamp, Sword in Darkness, Triforce, Unicorn, Insert coin, You're the One, Bad Beets, Cassette, Dead Man's Hand, Draw!, Draw Go, Good Day Sir!, Forest, Absolute Iconic Sun, Absolute Iconic Life, Absolute Iconic water, Iconic Life, Iconic Fire, Iconic Sun, Iconic Gear, Iconic Triforce, Super Iconic Fire, Super Iconic Sun, Super Iconic Life, Super Iconic Water, Super Iconic Skull, Super Iconic Bio, Hell Is Empty, Island, Keep Calm and Hodor, Kraken, Legion 2015, Meowry krampus, Milkshake, Mountain, Ninja, Plains, Raven, Raven 2019, Sad Panda, Something Wicked, Space Force, Stand By, Tuxedo, Warboyz, Zen Garden, Zombie Hugs, Boomstick, Legion Logo, Never Tell Me The Odds, Pow!, Big Red Deck, Zoo Stripe, Boomzooka, Big Mood, Absolute Skull, Absolute Biohazard, Live Laugh Yeet